Nelson Abram Butler

Born January 20, 1995

From St. Louis, Missouri

BS in Mass Media Broadcast Productions

Northwest Missouri State University


Best Edited Pack

Best Edited Short Film

Best Action Short Film


Final Cut Pro

Premiere Pro

After Effects




Story Boards

Creative Advertising

     I am a hardworking editor who thrives for creativity in all of my projects. I aim to break out of the norms and create projects that impacts an audience emotionally and mentally. Films should be looked at as art, and I support that ideology by constantly trying to produce content that is rememberable. Creativity is and has always been my best feature.

     I have been doing projects involving filming and editing since my high school years, starting off with raunchy youtube shows and now doing short films. Assembling a team of actors, directing a show, and producing the content is not unfamiliar ground to me.

My career goal is to become a writer/director and create box office movies.

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